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Project List

In response to various volunteers, church teams, and other groups, we are listing below the various projects and tasks that need to be completed in our new facility. We are blessed to have many friends and ministry partners that have expressed a desire to come help us get.  So below we have listed many of the various issues that individual volunteers and groups can help us with.

If you or your group would like to help, please check out the list to see if there is something that you would like to tackle then contact us with your questions so that we can provide you with any necessary details about a task or tasks that are of interest to you. Anna has taken many photos of the issues listed, so she can send to you, the photo of the particular project you have in mind if that would be a help to you.

It is possible that we may either have or can purchase the materials that will be needed for these tasks, so for many of the tasks, all it will take is your time, talent and energy.

We have tagged each project with asterisks (*) indicating the size of the task. ONE asterisk (*) indicates a small job. TWO asterisks (**) indicate a larger task, etc.

Also, it is possible that we can provide accommodations should you or your group like to stay for several days.


Painting Projects

Main House


Paint Playroom

Bunk House

This building is a bunkhouse for visiting groups

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Paint kitchen

Paint floors

Finish painting exterior walls, trim & railing

Exterior  Buildings




Paint  tool/ equipment sheds
Paint pump house
Paint large storeroom

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2nd coat of exterior paint

Assistant's House


Structural Repairs/Additions



Construct shed for water pump

Finish small tool shed

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Miscellaneous Projects



Finish & install acoustic panels in Main House Dining Room

Various landscaping projects

Install shade cloth cover over a portion of playground & pool

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