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Valentine Cards were late...or were they?

Sometimes I feel that things don’t happen on time but God is ALWAYS on time. I was disappointed last weekend when told that our orphanage doesn’t have any needs because we have enough support. Just because we don’t beg or manipulate....”won’t you help us or we will close down sob story” doesn’t mean we don’t trust God EVERY SINGLE day for finances. ANYWAY!!!! Yesterday we received mail that I thought was late because some valentines cards got “lost” in the mail BUT in fact it arrived JUST ON TIME. Not only were our children reminded that they are loved,Ronnie Sherman & I are too♥️😊 because we also received a beautiful card and I bawled when I opened it. The card was hand signed by precious people that we hope to meet someday and it also contained encouraging words for us all the way from Hawaii. God was reminding me that HE is our provider & we will continue to run our home with excellence & that we must NEVER look at man for provision. THANK YOU Pastors Nick & Esther Van Rensburg & everyone else that signed and encouraged us (especially me😊) Also THANK YOU for faithfully emailing me your Bible study messages on a daily basis. I feast on that Word. Sorry Lord for allowing thoughtless words to hurt me. ☺️ ♥️

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