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We have been so incredibly blessed through the years with the monthly financial partners that have joined with us to help us in our mission to rescue the orphaned, abandoned and abused children here in Mexico. However, that number has decreased to a crucial level and at the same time, expenses have increased. I believe that there are some misconceptions about our ministry income that have given the idea that we are totally funded and don’t really need more donations. If you have ever visited our Home, I think you will agree that we are taking very good care of the children in all areas of their lives. Physical, emotional, social, educational and most of all, spiritual. We make sure that our children are dressed well and we have put a high priority on cleanliness in both the house itself and the personal hygiene of the children. We earnestly believe that the children must be taken care with no less attention to all these areas than we would our own children. As a result, there are folks that have made assumptions about our income that are not correct. These assumptions, I believe are part of the reason that some of the financial gifts have decreased.

The following is a list of a few of the erroneous speculations are things we have actually heard from folks.

Assumption #1: “You folks must make a lot of money”


I have been told on quite a few occasions that we must be “making a lot of money” because we have so many children. The first time that was said to me, I was stunned. I asked the person, how does the fact that we are taking care of a house full of children equate to making a lot of money? I actually thought the person was joking, but he wasn’t, and neither have the others that have made assumptions like that. I realized that this comes from the Children’s Protection Services system in the US and the way that the various states take financial responsibility for all the many children in their care. So I realized that this individual actually thought that Mexico provided finances to us for the daily care of their children. In the 91/2 years and after 400+ children that we have cared for Acuña’s children, Mexico has never given us even 1 single solitary Peso!

These children are cared for by caring people outside Mexico.

Assumption #2: “Hey…y’all have such a lovely, big house…and the children dress so nicely and eat well, so obviously you guys are underwritten by a big denomination or Association of churches. Right?”


Approximately 90% of the donations that we receive come from individuals. We have some extremely faithful churches that have supported us for years and we are so very grateful, but their contributions are only about 10% of the total support coming in. If it hadn’t been so discouraging, I would have laughed, but a great brother in the Lord brought a pastor to visit our home for the first time a few weeks ago. Right in front of me this brother actually said, “well, you can see that they don’t need more donations here since they have a nice home and all their needs are met.” Once again…I was dumbfounded! I did try to correct him but the pastor had already committed his church’s mission offering to another ministry here in Acuna earlier that day. I am very glad that they are doing that, but it made me realize that this is probably happening more than I realized.

Assumption #3: “I hear you folks have a Thrift Store now so you should be able to take care of a lot of the operating expenses from the store.”


If they have visited the store, they make the faulty assumption that the Thrift Store is able to carry the Children’s Home financially. The store has indeed been in profit since the beginning but no where near the amount that is needed to cover our financial decrease. It covers only about 10% of the operating budget.

Assumption #4: “There are probably lots of supporters so my little amount won’t make a difference.”

Please think again!

Anna had a conversation several years ago with a young lady who was only able to send a very small amount each month. The young woman expressed her sadness over the fact that she could only send a small monthly amount. Anna explained how we were forced to send one of our teenage boys to a special school and because at that time, we had only 1 employee and Anna and I were working 24/7 so taking him to that special school,was almost impossible. We had to hire a taxi driver who was Christian, to take this boy to school each day. Anna showed the young lady that her donations actually paid for the taxi. So no matter how small, it all adds up.

So maybe you have considered one of these assumptions, and that may have guided your decision to either not support us or to stop supporting us, but I pray that after reading this you will take time to re-think and pray about your decision.

May God bless you as you consider the leading of the Lord.

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